SIAE – Roma

office surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Screed

SIAE, the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, recently unveiled the new PR office in its headquarters in Rome. Located in the original 1930s building in the architectural landmark EUR district, the office was designed by Arch. Pierluigi Grilli and Next Urban Solutions and developed by Genera spa and is characterized by a minimalist, fully functional take on a modern workspace setting.

The space is dynamic: along the corridors, meeting rooms and personal offices can be hidden behind folding panels. The no-frills, stark approach to surfaces relies on a fine balance of materials, from belached wood to glass to the dark grey ceilings.

A fundamental contribution comes from our Screed flooring: with Screed, the designers were able to convey a rugged, concrete-like aesthetics while retaining all the exclusive features of a rubber flooring, such as treading noise reduction in the first place.

The result is an elegant, finely-tuned workspace with a strong personality.