Tromstun High – Trømso

school surfacing with rubber flooring Granito Elastic

Tromstun school – an hour away from Tromso – is an innovative model in education, combining theoretical learning and science labs with a wide array of physical activities including sand volleyball court, basketball, spinning, dancehall and music rooms – as well as designer items everywhere, from class stools to sofas and chairs. All these amenities prompted norwegian newspaper Dagbladet to ask the question: Is this the finest school?

HLM arkitektur created an energy-efficient building that can withstand the severe climate conditions of the Tromso valley. The school has a total surface of 8500 sqm. We provided 4800 sqm of our own Granito Elastic flooring in two colors, G311 and G367. Granito Elastic is our special acoustic design that guarantees a noise due to treading reduction up to 21 dB. Our floors can be found in the classes as well as in the library.

It is interesting to point out that some floors have an integrated lightning system, to help visually impaired students. It is only one of the latest technological solutions that Tromstun deploys to ensure that even kids with special needs can have total access to every floor and activity: other features include voice-controlled elevators and adjustable kitchen sinks.