UWV Employment Center – Breda, Netherlands

Office surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Multifloor Nd/Uni.

The reference point in the Netherlands for those looking for work and those offering it. UWV is a non-profit governmental organisation dedicated to finding employment, recruitment and recognition of work permits for immigrants. A national network with 130 offices and a total of more than 4500 work consultants, translates into an overall interior design project which aims to combine the consistency of the corporate image with very different architectural situations. Artigo collaborated with Aswa Architecten in the creation of six offices, each of which has been a project with unique characteristics. A wide range of products and colour variations have been used: particularly interesting is the outfitting of the offices in Breda, where the combination of five colour variations of Multifloor / ND-UNI has created a pattern of great visual impact.