The new Custom boxes

Special samples for special projects We always encourage architects and flooring professionals to ask us for custom-made floorings. Feel free to  ask for that colour you won’t compromise about and we will take from there. Entirely hand-made in our labs in Italy, our custom samples are the result of high-level craftsmanship, proudly made in Italy. …

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The New Flooring Box

The new rubber flooring collection is now available in the brand-new Flooring Box! New colours and new architectural possibilities are explored in our completely re-designed documentation, featuring 2 new catalogues and 11 folders with real rubber samples, collected in a lavish box. Request your Flooring Box

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The new McCann offices in Bucharest are located in One Eliade Tower, part of a development built around the former Ford factory. Go to the project OTOTO store opened its doors in Bucarest at the end of February, for those buyers who prefer independent brands, specialty coffee and a holiday vibe. Go to the project

Of Healthcare and Rubber · 1

From a design point of view, a hospital is a complex unity made of multiple elements: Entrances and corridors are subjected to heavy foot traffic. Family rooms thrive on a soft, relaxed atmosphere. Specialist areas require strict and effective infection control. Patient rooms floors are prone to indentation. Through all these different requirements, Artigo rubber …

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School Design with Rubber · 1

What makes a good school design today? How can architects improve the environmental factors to help students and teachers perform at their best? Effective noise reduction especially in common areas and corridors Massive use of colors and patterns to create atmosphere and “give character” to the establishment Good internal air quality to increase cognitive functions …

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School Design with Rubber · 2

Indoor air quality in school buildings An increasing number of medical investigations and tests have demonstrated the importance of good indoor air quality in buildings. Let’s look in particular at the indoor air quality of school buildings, where students spend so many hours each day. Improving the indoor quality of school buildings allows the people …

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School Design with Rubber · 3

EASY CLEANING Rubber floorings can easily be cleaned with professional products, as a part of any school or kindergarten cleaning measures. The exclusive surface treatments PRO and TXL guarantee an even better resistance to soiling, considerably reducing the level of detergents, water and energy required for maintenance. · PRO: surface treatment utilising the latest generation UV linked polymeric coating technology. The coating protects …

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