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Crossing the line from a good building to an exceptional atmosphere for learning. How rubber floorings can help designers to create an inspiring, inviting environment where pupils’ skills can thrive. Learning starts with architecture in the new school design – and rubber is a powerful tool.


What makes a good school design today? How can architects improve the environmental factors to help students and teachers perform at their best?

Through all these different requirements, Artigo rubber floorings offer tested and valid solutions.

If you are looking for an hygienic, resilient, good looking and easy-to-clean flooring for an educational project, Artigo can be the answer! 


The architecture behind educational facilities is changing because education itself is changing.

For a long time, academic buildings and academic programs have been focused on single, particular student needs: a dining hall to eat, a classroom to learn, a courtyard to play… Now, however, the boundaries are blurred. Students are looking at different ways of learning to get a holistic, immersive experience.

Young students nowadays learn more by working collaboratively and absorbing information through multiple channels.

As an example, Finnish firm JKMM share their mind on the matter:

In our recent project in Helsinki, traditional desks and classrooms have been done away with. The teacher no longer sits behind a desk. The environment provides stimuli and encourages interactivity. In today schools, learning is possible even when one is not sitting behind a desk.

This academic change represents a challenge for architects as well. The traditional dynamic “class/corridor” is bound to disappear, as the school space becomes a holistic learning ground. This opens a whole new set of doors for creativity.


Studies show that people who live and work in environments with good IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) have significantly higher cognitive function scores. That goes for pupils and teachers as well.

Cognitive performance is directly affected by the environment: according to German Blue Angel and US Greenguard certifications, rubber floorings emit very few pollutants to the indoor air and, thus, do not affect the health of the inhabitants.


Artigo acoustic rubber floorings represent a valid solution for entrances, corridors and other heavily-trafficked or common areas.

Our acoustic floorings ensure a reduction of noise due to treading up to 21 dB.

Reference standard EN ISO 10140-1: 2016 – EN ISO 10140-3:2010 – EN ISO 717-2:2013. Certified by CSI, test report 0041/DC/ACU/18_2 date 08/06/2018. Also certified by Cofrac/CSTB for noise reduction 18 dB.


In kindergartens the floor is more than something you just walk on. For the children, it is just another part of the environment to play with. Also, they often go around with naked feet.

In first grades the use of colors, patterns and designs adds an inviting atmosphere to the building. From the entrance to the common areas up to the single classes, the building is a canvas to be filled with motivation and enthusiasm. 

Artigo rubber floorings offer the greatest creative freedom a designer could aspire to. From the possibility to cut and mix different colors and shapes to create decors and patterns in the floor, to exciting pairings between rubber and wood or textiles: so many ways to turn a school into a powerful learning tool and, at the same time, ensure a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.


Rubber floorings can easily be cleaned with professional products, as a part of any school or kindergarten cleaning measures.

The exclusive surface treatments PRO and TXL guarantee an even better resistance to soiling, considerably reducing the level of detergents, water and energy required for maintenance.

· PRO: surface treatment utilising the latest generation UV linked polymeric coating technology. The coating protects the surface and improves performance.

· TXL: Post vulcanization treatment that achieves a higher surface density whilst increasing surface resistance to dirt and scratches.


Artigo floorings are compliant to the most important environmental certifications both in Europe (Blue Angel in Germany, M1 in Finland) and America (Greenguard Gold).

Artigo floorings represent a real contribution to healthier environments in public buildings and qualify for LEED and BREEAM credits for green buildings.


Rubber is the anti-slipping material by definition: Artigo floorings are classified R9 (Lava collection is R10) according to DIN 51130, determination of anti-slip properties.